Repatriate Aiden Hulme

Aiden Hulme is a 27-year-old Irishman serving 22 years in an English prison. Since his incarceration he has suffered extreme medical neglect and now faces having his leg amputated. Aiden, who is on 23-hour lockdown, is being denied suitable painkilling medication.

We are calling for Aiden to be returned to serve his sentence in Ireland where he can receive the medical attention he urgently requires close to his family. The decision on whether to repatriate Aiden Hulme rests with the Irish Department of Justice.


The above is taken from a leaflet distributed at a demonstration I attended today. This campaign is supported by all republican organisations as well as by the SDLP. If he were an illegal immigrant in a New York jail no doubt the entire Irish political establishment would be pleading for his repatriation.

For more information and to sign the petition, click here.

Another unsafe OASA conviction

It's reported today that a young man from Dublin's North Inner City has been convicted of "membership of an illegal organisation".

The evidence used to convict him:

* The word of a Garda superintendent, which was "based on confidential information".

* The defendant's decision to remain silent.

* A fingerprint on the back of a van in which a handgun was found.

* And the Óglaigh na hÉireann t-shirt he was wearing, presumably of the kind that can be bought for a few quid at the Sinn Féin shop.

It beggars belief that in the year 2006, in a supposedly advanced democracy, it is still possible to send someone to prison based on such "evidence". This case would have been laughed out of any normal court.

It is further proof of the correctness of Sinn Féin's Ard Fheis decision to make repeal of the Offences Against The State Act a condition of entering any coalition government in the South.

The Rainbow splits again

I see that Fine Gael and Labour have voted different ways on yet another piece of legislation going through the Dáil, this time the Strategic Infrastructure Bill. Fine Gael voted with the Government on this bill (which would make it easier for powerful interests to get planning permission for controversial projects and reduce the ordinary citizen's ability to object).

Further evidence, as if any were needed, that a vote for Labour is a vote to replace one right wing government with another.

RTÉngland again ...

Only six and a half minutes into the World Cup and already we get "It's like Beckham taking a free kick."

I see that the Examiner is today running a story which claims that the purpose of the Adare robbery was to finance Kevin Walsh's new house.

The Examiner's source for this story (which it reports as fact)? "A garda source".

How convincing.


This afternoon I will be joining several of my Dublin Sinn Féin colleagues in the Women's Mini-Marathon to raise money for An Cumann Cabhrach, an organisation providing assistance to republican prisoners and their families.

I haven't been doing any specific training for it, as I'm a pretty fit/active person in general and 10km shouldn't be much problem (particularly as I'm walking it!!). My main concern is that the sunburn I picked up on Saturday doesn't get any worse!

I'm very proud to be taking part in this and I hope the funds we have collectively raised will make a real difference to the families.
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