Back from the jungle

So there I was - deep in the forest, no access to a television, newspaper or any radio station broadcasting in a language I could understand - in other words, pretty much incommunicado for a week. Suddenly a few cryptic texts started appearing on my mobile. "Welcome home to the 3". "Hope they are safe". Whaa???? The mobile networks are a bit unreliable out there, so it took another day or so to confirm what I hoped I was reading. Well, you know the rest.

As I write, the Colombia 3 are in various police stations in Dublin. Niall Connolly has been arrested and may face charges for using a false Irish passport (the other two used false British passports and thus could only be charged by the British Government).

I am reliably informed (not by a Shinner btw) of at least one occasion on which the Department of Foreign Affairs issued a false passport to one of its citizens who was also travelling to a country controlled by right-wing maniacs. I doubt that was the first time, or the last. Will the Irish Government arrest itself?


Chris Gaskin said...

What are you doing in a jungle, it was hard enough getting the last 3 back LOL

How was the holiday?

Wednesday said...

Eh, it was all right. I learned that I am more of a city person than I ever fully realised before, though :)

Peter Falk The Real Columbo said...

Up the Skinners, Grow up girl, the days of Tiocky-ing are over, De Valera is dead and the Colombian three were party to groups who participate in wholesale slaughter of innocent people and selling a flour like substance that gives you a bigger kick than 12 pints of Harp. I believe it popular with Dublin politico types now.

No modern revolution is worth the blood of innocent people.

PS Did i shag you once.

Up the Chuckies.

Wednesday said...

It's hardly a wonder that Sinn Féin's growth is continuing if that's the best our opponents can do. Tell me, though, what's the difference with "modern" revolutions?

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