Like everyone else in Sinn Féin, I'm absolutely stunned at the news about Denis Donaldson, disgusted at the man personally, and heartbroken for his family, who don't deserve to be put through this. I simply cannot understand what would drive someone to do what he did - particularly someone who had previously done so much for the cause.

Questions need to be asked about how far up in the British Government his role was known. How many of those who publicly accused the republican movement of running a spy ring knew all along that the only spy was their own? How many knew that the Assembly was being collapsed on completely false pretences?

At the moment I'm just completely disillusioned with this whole peace process malarkey. Republicans have given and given and given, we've made compromises that were unimaginable just a few years ago and we are getting absolutely fucking nothing back because fundamentally the Brits and unionists just do not want the agreement to work. At some point we are going to have to question whether it is even worth our while anymore.


hensons said...

Agree 100000000%. break off all talks let get our house in order and let the brits cull the psni, sort out the loyalists and then we will come back, until then fuck them.

DaithiO said...

Like you I'm shocked and saddened by this, after thinking about this and seeing this guys credentials I suddenly remembered seeing him in Short Strand this August telling his first hand version of events of the Siege of Short Strand, clearly held in high esteem by his neighbours.

His former comrades in Milltown must be spinning in their graves !

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