Labour supporters - here are your coalition partners!

Fine Gael TD Phil Hogan in the Dáil today singled out trade union members as stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment. Well done Phil.

"I trust the Minister will bring forward new measures and regulations in due course arising from the partnership talks that will not only assist us in regard to the assimilation of migrant workers into our economy but will also contribute to removing some of the prejudice that has built up, particularly due to some union members in recent times ..."

How on earth can any self-respecting Labour Party member vote for a coalition like this?


MacDara said...

Should your site not be called Wednesdays Irish politics blog from a Sinn Fein point of view ?

I'm all for reading Sinn Feins view point and even that of their supporters but why hide the fact that is what I am reading >

Wednesday said...

LOL! I'm doing a pretty bad job of "hiding" it by using an Easter lily as my avatar and linking to no party websites other that Sinn Féin's, wouldn't you say?

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