I've been back from holidays for most of the past week, but I've really been struggling to find things to write about. What's going in Lebanon just seems to overshadow everything happening here. It's horrifying and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.

There's been enough posted elsewhere about the situation, and I don't feel I have anything particularly new to offer to the discussion, so I'm just going to register my utter revulsion at Israel's brutality and arrogance, and leave it at that. Hezbollah's tactics are wrong, but the Israeli response has been so exorbitantly out of proportion that one can only conclude they're enjoying themselves.

Death toll as of right now:
Israel - 51 deaths, 18 civilians
Lebanon - 523 deaths, mostly civilians

It's a sick joke for the Israelis to describe what they're doing as "self defence". It's gratuitous slaughter, nothing less.

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Jo said...

HI Wednesday, u r wb. I have blogged a good bit about this as well, much in sympathy with your own POV. I think its one of the great moral issues of our time, whether self defence has limits - in the case of Israel and her backers, apparently not.

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