Unionism gets cold feet ... again

Is anyone surprised? It's only the third time in as many years that we've been on the brink of an agreement, only to have the unionist leader announce at the last minute that republicans haven't done enough. It's beginning to look like a bit of a pattern!

I have increasingly little doubt that when SF finally endorses policing there will be some other excuse. It really doesn't bear thinking about what we might be required to do next - the one thing you can say for certain is that the Governments and the so-called 'nationalist' parties on this island will fall into step behind the unionists to insist that progress depends upon our doing it. Anyone who thinks otherwise should consider that back when I made this prediction, Peter Hain was still saying that policing wasn't a prerequisite.

I wonder if we mightn't be better off if the Governments just pulled the plug on this charade now.

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WorldbyStorm said...

Predictable. And yet. Does it seem to you as if the DUP are edging ever closer to the big leap of faith?

I don't know, perhaps it's my eternal optimism, but their stance is not that of a party who have decided absolutely no.

Odd to see McCartney pulling the old was '[this]...coalition...what the men and women ... died and suffered for?' line.

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