Budget 2007 - What's wrong with this picture?

The image below is taken from the new budget document. Have a close look at the figures.

The average industrial wage is just over €30,000. Why is a worker on that wage benefitting least from the budget measures?

And no, I'm not just annoyed about this because I'm on the AIW myself - I genuinely don't understand the reasoning.

By the way, I noticed that during the budget debate today, the full compliment of Fine Gael TDs was in the Dáil chamber to listen to Enda Kenny's speech. Within 90 seconds of Pat Rabbitte standing up, however, all but two or three of them were gone. I don't think even they are taking this 'coalition' seriously anymore.


WorldbyStorm said...

Hadn't noticed that during Kenny's speech.

Says it all really.

On another issue (and perhaps related to the AIW) I wonder if the Budget will really have the oomph that FF TDs seem to think it does.

Anonymous said...

load a bollocks really

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