Joined-up thinking, Fianna Fáil style

Two actual Parliamentary Questions and their replies, published yesterday:

Q: To ask the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment if a non-EU citizen whose work permit has expired and who has since married an Irish citizen needs a further work permit to resume employment here.
A (Minister Martin): A work permit is not required for an employee married to an Irish Citizen. The person can regularise their status by contacting the Department of Justice.

Q: To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform how a non-EU citizen whose work permit has expired and who has since married an Irish citizen can obtain a residency permit.
A (Minister Lenihan): Marriage to an Irish national does not confer an automatic right of residence in the State. Applications of this kind take approximately twelve months to process. Should the person wish to continue employment while the application is being processed, they should renew their work permit.


Anonymous said...

i am a non-eu citizen, am currently engaged to an Irish Citizen and am currently on a work permit. my work permit is due to expire in a couple of months and i plan to marry around November. I have been in my job now for nearly 3 years and need a change however there is no where to move within the company. The company are going to apply for a renewal work permit (in process)however i dont want to waste their time and money if i am to get married before the year is out. I would like to resign from my job (need to give a months notice) and marry before the end of the year. can i get permission to reside in the country for 3 months until i get married?Obviously i understand that i wont be able to work during this period but i do have enough funds to support my stay. I was told that i should remain on my work permit as once i get married i still dont have any rights as to where i can work as i would have to apply for citizenship which could take up to a year. Does this mean that once i am legally married that i cannot work in any other job until my citizenship comes through? Surely thats not right! Do i actually have to become an irish citizen? Could i be deported if i am married to an irish citizen because i didnt stay on my work permit? I find this all very confusing. Obviously i want to and will go about all of this legally but each person that i speak to tells me a different story. Any ideas?

Wednesday said...

You should really be speaking to the Migrant Rights Centre or Immigrant Council of Ireland - however from the information I've picked up from looking at Parliamentary Questions over the years, you'll need to have that work permit until you're actually granted residency. Just being married to an Irish citizen isn't enough. The residency application can take a year. Citizenship applications can take three. But as I said, talk to the MRC or ICI. Good luck.

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