Note to my northern comrades

When the Assembly is having a debate on abortion, it would be a good idea to have at least one woman MLA speak.


Chris Gaskin said...


Women did speak, Ní Chuilín spoke for Sinn Féin when she outlined our opposition to Abortion/Murder of the unborn.

Wednesday said...

Thanks for that Chris. I watched the debate from 4 pm, I didn't realise it was continuing a debate from earlier.

The position as Caral outlined is totally inconsistent. It says that we do not support any attempt to make abortion more widely available and then it says that we accept the right to abortion in a wider range of circumstances than it is currently available. Those two positions are incompatible. It's absolutely typical of our shameful fence-sitting on the issue.

And it does nothing for the thousands of Irish women who travel to Britain and abroad for abortions every year, irrespective of whatever meaningless "guidelines" or empty political posturing the parties want to engage in phoney debates over.

Ciarán said...

The SF Ard Chomhairle have always been fond of having women lay out the party's head-in-the-sand attitude to abortion. They usually wheel out a few of the nominally radical women to push it at Ard Fheiseanna too.

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