Overheard at the RDS

As tallies from the first few boxes started to make it clear the treaty was headed for a defeat, from an apparatchik attached to a certain anonymous Dublin city Fianna Fáil TD: "Looks like we'll be back here in a few months."

From the same anonymous Fianna Fáil TD speaking on his mobile phone a few minutes later: "Oh, it's about two-to-one in favour."

From a certain Irish Times pol-corr (hint: thinks she's a lot funnier than she actually is) as the final tallies came through: "The Irish people are stupid."

More as I remember them...


Stephie said...

I wouldn't expect anything less from them. Pity you didn't have a trusty dictaphone with you!

the young Irelander said...

funny thing,i over heard in cork city hall a fine gael td remarking how the no voters were just 'ignorant' people!

bad losers the lot of 'em!

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