Elsewhere, it's being reported that the Dublin Government will be setting up a watchdog to clamp down on retail price increases. This will be good news if it actually lives up to the hype - but frankly I have my doubts. Mary 'Shop Around' Harney is still the second most powerful person in Government, remember. And we've seen how well the likes of ComReg have done their job (I'm posting this via a 56k dialup, which is actually connecting at somewhere around 40k, because out here in the rural bogland that is Phibsboro, Dublin 7, I still can't get broadband).

My scepticism notwithstanding, I give a big thanks to all the foreign tourists who've complained about the prices here. They've ignored us for years, but they seem to be listening to you.

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cmonthetaxpayers said...

just wait til we're all supping our lattes in cafe bars! there won't be any need for the 2000 phantom gardai!

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