What passes for a cover story at the Sunday Tribune

On the front page of today's edition: "A petrol bomb attack terrifies me most - Paula McCartney".

Apparently Stephen Collins and Suzanne Breen are miffed at the fact that the alleged threat against the McCartneys (which of course is to be condemned, and come on, apart from the McCartneys themselves could there possibly be anyone who would less like to see it carried out than Sinn Féin? Think about it) took place during the week, making it old news by Sunday. Not to worry though, Stevie and Susie'll find an angle to put it back on the front page. Like, say, that the McCartneys are afraid of the threats. Well, duh. The newsworthiness of a little state-sponsored massacre in Uzbekistan absolutely pales in comparison!

Dear God, please give this paper a free online edition, so I'll cease having to waste €2 on it every week.


hensons said...

yeah saw this this morning scanned it sighed and stuck to me new year resolution to only buy two papers, and stick to my self imposed ban on two, the Sindo and the Trib.

Today bought the SBP and the Sunday World.

very informative in one and very entertaining in other.

ps great to see a good blog like this on web - well done. will be checking in often.

Wednesday said...

Ah, well, thank you very much. I'm only learning :)

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