I've been terrible for updating lately. Combination of things: work pressures, illness, and just not being inspired. But today, after the march for Irish unity, I'm feeling incredibly inspired.

There were more people there than I ever imagined there would be. I don't know what the precise figure was - RTÉ reported four to five thousand, but that was only for the rally which followed the march. For the march itself, 98FM put it at 20,000 and I've heard estimates from our own people at 15-20. In any case it was a hell of a lot. Enough that the front of the march was already on its way back down Suffolk Street while the back was just crossing O'Connell Bridge. The geographic spread was wonderful too; I saw banners from cumainn all over the country, including places I never even knew we had any cumainn (take a bow, North Connemara SF!). It was the kind of turnout you just don't see on republican marches these days, and its effect on our spirits was tremendous.

Hopefully it might even encourage me to update this thing more regularly again :)

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Chris Gaskin said...

I agree Wednesday, a fantastic day

A day to be Republican and Proud!!

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