RTÉ has just reported that the guns have been decommissioned.

A lot of republicans will have mixed feelings about this. I'm one of them. But as I said back in July, it's a case of whether there is more to be gained by holding on to them or by giving them up, and I accept at this point it might be the latter.

It's important that any further stalling by the DUP is met with firm action by the Governments - up to and including the threat of joint authority. Republicans have made as many compromises as we can, and we have done so without losing many of our number to the dissidents, but that will become a danger if there is no reciprocation. It is important that we see a return on this initiative. And Fianna Fáil allowing the possibility of going into coalition with us isn't the kind of return I'm talking about.

Wait and see time, I suppose.

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