On Bertiegate (2)

The PDs are in a right mess, aren't they? Pull out of government, and they won't be back in it for years - if not decades. Stay, as they're ostensibly planning to do, and they'll lose all credibility in their role as "Fianna Fáil watchdog" because it will be patently obvious to everyone that they're only doing it for the sake of their own Cabinet seats. Either way they've been seriously damaged - and given the damage they've done to this country over the past nine years, it couldn't happen to a nicer party.

I have to admit, though, I'd really rather see them go.

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Chris Gaskin said...

I still maintain that the PD's were fucked anyway, they were going to possibly lose 4 seats before this.

I see that today Noel Grelish's seat is in danger.

There is no doubt, the PD's are going to lose seats and they will not be in government after the next election.

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