St Andrews

I haven't had a chance yet to look in detail at the "agreement" reached at St Andrews, so I'll reserve comment on it for the time being.

For now I'll just note that I stand 100% by my previous posts on the PSNI, and on the Assembly.

More later.


WorldbyStorm said...

Having read your posts on the PSNI and the Assembly I understand your position on the matter. But I wonder if it's wrong to try to ensure that there is at least a level of democratic representation within the six counties hence the focus on the Assembly, and there is also the argument that once these elements are implemented once more then the cross-border/all-island elements come into being. The PSNI issue is obviously more difficult for SF supporters. Not being a member I have no idea how that would play... And as you seem to implicitly say yourself it's simply a matter of time until SF accepts the PSNI. Then the issue becomes how long that time is...

Wednesday said...

The argument about democratic representation in the Six Counties is certainly a valid one and, as I said, it's not that I'm opposed to an assembly. But is it worth all the concessions we're making for it? I don't think it is. The all-island elements could come into being without it, as the Governments' comments about "Plan B" demonstrated.

As for us accepting the PSNI, it would be difficult at any juncture. It is especially difficult under these circumstances, when we're clearly responding to unionist pressure.

WorldbyStorm said...

Well, you're preaching to the converted regarding Plan B, it would have been an acceptable alternative if the GFA largely collapsed. However, there is the crucial issue of some local democratic representation and that would have to have been worked out eventually, although the supercouncils did go some way to resolving that. Still, I wonder if that had been the case would there have been the all island executive elements as distinct from the organisations established by the GFA itself.

Yep, PSNI is going to be tricky. No doubt about it. And the DUP crowing about MI5 does no one any favours. Although the other way of looking at that is that they will be probably locked away in their new headquarters with any luck and not allowed out by the PSNI (run by the Assembly) on the doors :).

Chris Gaskin said...


I would agree with your sentiments

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