On the policing stuff

If anyone's wondering why I haven't commented on recent events, it's because I feel that I have already made my views clear, and anything further I might have to say should be reserved for the internal debate.

Once that debate is over (and, I expect, from my perspective lost), rest assured I will have plenty more to say.


WorldbyStorm said...

Not sure why your comments thing doesn't register my comments, but anyhow. Just thinking, I'm not sure it will be lost from your perspective. Looks like the DUP have got cold feet.

Wednesday said...

Sorry about that. I was hoping the (myriad) problems with this site would be fixed once it was out of beta stage, but I guess not.

Anyway the DUP's cold feet are little comfort. All it means is another precondition is on its way.

The Youngfella said...

Go on Wednesday, keep the bitching going! :)

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