Another election, another Martin Ferris arrest

I've just heard the news that Martin Ferris has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

My first thought is that the timing of this is awfully curious. Remember this? When did that happen? Oh yes, just before the last general election. The circumstances of the latest arrest would certainly lend themselves to a stitch-up: a random check, at a roadblock near his home. And the Kerry Gardaí do have something of a track record here; see also this case.

I won't be defending Martin if it turns out that he was over the limit. There's never an excuse for drink driving, and SF have been critical enough of the Fianna Fáil politicians who've managed to get away with it, like Jim McDaid driving the wrong way down the N4, and GV Wright mowing down a nurse.

But frankly, I wouldn't put anything past the Garda Síochána. Especially at election time.

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Cian said...

i remember that last time out, and my feeling was the Gardai behaviour hardened the support Martin got in the end. It could well happen again if this follows the same pattern.

If there is a case to answer though, its a difficult call. Though one suspects there is still a circle-the-wagons mentality which might enter the campaign.

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