Interesting election item

Given Bertie's recent (and revealingly partitionist) comments about Sinn Féin "imports" from the Six Counties helping out with Mary Lou's campaign, I was amused to note, on my way down the Cabra Road this evening, that the car driving people around to put up Fianna Fáil posters had northern-registered plates.

The posters themselves are worthy of comment, too. A picture of Bertie, beneath which are the words:
So not only are FF not attempting any vote management, again, but even here in what should be Mary F's strong patch, she's relegated to their third choice candidate. Given that almost nobody puts Brady in with even the slightest hope it's looking like a fairly straight contest between us and the Greens for that fourth seat.


Frank said...

Considering Bertie's postering teams are made up of friendly young chaps from Lodz, Warsaw and Krakow the question of 'imports' might be better put to him.

WorldbyStorm said...

Amazing how cack handed the FF response in Dublin Central has been. I myself was out on Sunday for the entire afternoon around there and was a notable lack of FF presence. To be honest running three candidates seems bizarre. Have to say the SF push is impressive.

By the by are you suggesting that it's Ahern, Gregory/Costello in whatever order, and then MLM (I really can't see the Greens getting there particularly since they have so far over three days had no push that I could see)?

Wednesday said...

The story I heard about FF running three candidates is that Dermot Fitzpatrick threatened to run again if his daughter wasn't selected (apparently there's some party rule that a sitting TD will be automatically selected again if s/he wants to be). I can't believe anyone at Mount Street would have actually thought it was a good idea.

I think Gregory's safe and Donohoe's transfers will pull Costello though. I can't fathom what McKenna's up to. She has no posters up in our strong areas, so I can only assume that she's concentrating on the more middle class areas - but then I ran into a bunch of her canvassers in Grangegorman yesterday. I had actually thought she might be a bit of a problem for us but it certainly doesn't look that way now.

WorldbyStorm said...

Interestingly enough I ran into her and some of her canvassers off the North Circular road last Tuesday. It didn't appear that they were too keen to canvass a working class area nearby - although in fairness that might just be my perception. However, the GP campaign has been minimal and I find that really puzzling. Unless they're hoping to blitz the constituency towards the end of the campaign. Which doesn't make sense (and in some respects its a pity after my favoured candidate and MLM she would most definitely be my 3rd preference and probably still will).


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