Interesting note re the Greens' ministries

I was just looking over the list of Junior Ministers in the new Dáil and something struck me that I hadn't noticed before. See Tony Killeen? Minister of State under Gormley and Ryan with "special responsibility for Environment and Energy". There isn't a Junior Minister with special responsibility for Heritage, for Local Government, for Communications or for Natural Resources; it's only the Environment and Energy that a Fianna Fáiler has been put in charge of.

Is it any coincidence that those happen to be the two portfolios that the Greens would have wanted those Departments for in the first place?

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WorldbyStorm said...

Interesting, but not a massive surprise on reflection. I'd imagine that while any shadow of doubt might remain in FFs mind re the possiblity that the Greens would walk they'll be kept a close eye on... that may of course last five years...

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